Fireplace Heat Exchanger


Fireplace Heat Exchanger

Fireplace heat exchangercan actually improve the performance and appearance of your hearth. In fact, the standard look of the fireplace can come with this particular addition. There are many brands available for this and most of the time; you can get it at low and discounted rates. 

It is made up of a little blower and some tubes. The blower through the hollow tubes pushes the air so that it gets heated up. Then, the hot air is passed into the room. This gives very nice warmth to the whole air in the room without making your fireplace look unusual.

The most important advantage of a fireplace heat exchanger is that it allows your hearth to take any look you want for it, without compromising on the quality of heat. You can get beautiful doors installed while keeping the room as warm as ever. For this, the heat exchanger ensures that heat is not lost through the chimney due to the presence of the door panels. Because the air is heated and then blown out into the room, you get great warm air even as you enjoy the look of the safer and more modern fireplace.

The fireplace heat exchanger has a very simple but useful design. There is no computer aided sophistication here, just plain and simple blowing of heated air. Often, the design can be somewhat crude as the exchanger uses radiant and conductive heat produced by the fire. This might not be extremely efficient in gathering all the heat, as a lot of convective heat gets lost in the hot smoke. Moreover, if wood is being used, the ashes produced may have many chemicals, which along with the fire may affect the durability of the tubes, as the tubes are usually made of mild steel. It is time to get the best combination of modern facilities that give some good old-fashioned comfort!


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